Ministry Spotlight

Taking a quick break from steamy couples + adorable families + squishy babes to let you in on a little something that you may not know: the HEART behind why I do what I do!

There are two main reasons I stepped out in faith & decided to pursue this whole photography thing. One, I wanted to provide high-quality photos at an affordable price to families. Families just like ours who, otherwise, would not be able to have professional photos done & would miss documenting sweet milestones in the lives of their little {or big} family. This was SO important to me because cost was always a barrier for us! I resolved to never let that be a barrier for anyone else.

The second reason is that I wanted to be able to support different ministries + couples adopting + those going on mission in a greater way than I am able to now {working as a part-time Nurse Practitioner}. As a Christ-follower, I am called to live selflessly & put others’ needs ahead of my own…well, this is one way I desire to do that!

SO…let me introduce you to who YOU will be supporting + blessing when you allow me to photograph you: Hunter and Stephanie Davis! From March to June, when you book a session with me, a large portion of every single dollar, will go towards the Davis’ family adoption! I could tell you all about this awesome fam, but instead, I’ll let you hear directly from them + how they are following the Lord’s call on their lives.

After losing our daughters to pre-term birth and struggling with the ups and downs of trying to conceive, we decided to step into a long time calling to become adoptive parents. In 2016 we began the domestic adoption process with Lifeline Children’s Services because we are really supportive of how they care for and help support birth families, specifically birth mamas. In January of 2017, we were unexpectedly blessed with the news that we were pregnant and in September of 2017, we gave birth to our third child, Ansel Aimes. Our agency required placing our adoption “on hold” while pregnant with Aimes and during his first year of life.

This gave us the opportunity to survive the newborn days and enjoy parenting before pursuing growth for our family through adoption. In the fall of 2018, we put in the work, alongside our social worker, to update our application, home study, and profile books. Since home study (re)approval, we’ve seen several birth mother profiles and at this time continue to pray through opportunities for our family. Please keep us close in your thoughts and prayers, as we diligently consider the needs of our son, our financial needs and the right birth mama for our family!

Now that you know all about who you are supporting when you allow me to photograph you, lets get ya scheduled!

Much love,

Rochelle Fam At-Home Sesh

Okay y’all, two words: At-Home Session! These are the MOST FUN EVEEEEER and if you have never done one, you NEED to get on that ASAP!

When Courtney contacted me saying she wanted to document the fact that her adorable Rawlins turned 2 + her hubby turned an age we aren’t allowed to say by doing an “at-home sesh”, I about peed my pants with delight {which I regret to say, now happens far too often after having 3 small humans}. We played, laughed, jumped on the bed, played some more, + almost went for a swim in the frigid pool…and it was SUCH a joy! Courtney and Blake are those type of parents that are SO laid back and just “go with the flow”…which makes for a super fun, laid-back kinda time and the BEST giggly photos.

Enjoy a glimpse into my time with this super fun family…and then GO BOOK AN AT-HOME SESSION NOW! You won’t regret it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Meet Nolan

My youngest kid is now 4 months old, my oldest kid is 3 years old {and yep, there is another in between there too} so you’d think I would somehow be immune from this thing called “baby fever” since I have 3 babies at home who require my nonstop care, love, and attention.

But nope. I have learned that I, in fact, an NOT immune. I mean come on, how can any human who doesn’t have a cold heart of stone resist that sweet new human smell, dinosaur-like squeaks, and pure skin of a brand new human? Answer: no one can {and if you can, we need to talk}.

I was given the joy + honor of meeting sweet little Nolan and his super fun, laid-back family that included a proud big brother, a dog who loved to give kisses, and a cat who would have put America’s Next Top Models to shame. Nolan was the perfect, little baby muse and it was immediately apparent that he was SO adored and loved.

Enjoy a few photos of my time with the Pruitt family!

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Just taking a quick break from all the turkey + gravy + dressing + gravy + apple pie + did I say gravy yet…to say a quick hello + Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! Oh, and how about them Cowboys?!

What a joy + honor it has been to have been able to be a small part of your family this year as so many of you have given me the greatest blessing of all, getting to capture YOU! My hope + prayer for us all is that we would be able to take one giant step back + realize just how incredibly blessed we are. That no matter how tough or how joyous life may be, that we would feel the joy + peace + grace of our merciful Savior and praise Him for His infinite goodness.

My family was able to get a much needed and rare escape to see family in Nashville and it has been such a treat! We even were able to run to a random open field today and snap a few family photos of our own.

Thank you for allowing me into your fun lives + trusting me to document treasured moments for you + your family. I am abundantly thankful for YOU!

Now here’s a few photos from today…then back to that gravy ;)

Hope your Thanksgiving has been full of love + rest + lots of food!

Much love,

Meet Isabella Witt

Newborns: there are few things more squishy + lovable + indescribably sweet + aromatic {no, I'm not referring to the poopy diapers} + scrumptious + delightful + awe-inducing + captivating + lovely + oh, you get the point. While it's really hard to pick a shoot that's my absolute fav, newborn shoots are definitely at the very top of that list!

What a complete joy + honor it was to get to meet Isabella Witt and her beautiful, newborn self recently. She was completely adored by her big sis + mom and dad and it was SO darn fun to get to capture. And another fun perk, she was so excited to get to hang out with me {duh} that she stayed awake the entire time! Love me some newborn eyes.

Enjoy this glimpse into my time with the Witt family! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Hunter + Kimberly

What a JOY-FILLED day May 12, 2018 was!

You may remember meeting these two love birds from a previous engagement session of mine...and may recall just how darn photogenic + in love they were. Hunter and Kimberly are not only two of the most laid back people you will ever meet {uh, can anyone say photographer's dream?} but are also two of the most fun, joyful people you will ever meet! Perfect combo, I know!

 Their wedding at Rockhurst Farm was the absolute perfect mix of romance + lightheartedness, sick dance moves + sweet slow embraces, tears of joy + exclamations of delight. Kimberly was the jewel of Hunter's eye the entire night {she is radiant, y'all}. Their mutual love + respect for one another was evident from the first second they caught a glimpse of one another all the way until their last kiss as they bode all their guests farewell.

What a treat it was to get to be a part of this covent day that was such a clear testament to Christ's love for us, His bride.

Here's to the new Mr. and Mrs. Garnett! Woohoo!

And lets not forget one of my absolute fav things to do: steal the couple away for a few minutes for a few intimate sunset photos..


Much love to the Newlyweds!


Ashley + Girls

Mommy + Me Sessions are one of my new favorite things. Ever {after tea cup pigs, of course}.

Meet Ashley + her three BEAUTIFUL, fun, energetic girls. Ashley is a dear friend and fellow photographer who I absolutely adore spending time with. What a complete and utter JOY it was to get to photograph her having a blast with her girlies. I mean, y'all, SO DARN FUN!

There is so much more I could say but I'll just let the photos do the talking here :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Ministry Spotlight through the Month of April

Hello hello friends! 

Marchele here! In case you do not already know, the main reason I have pursued the Lord's call of photography in my life is so that I can be a BLESSING to others. Of course, there's the obvious way to bless others: by provided high quality photos at an extremely affordable price so that memories are not missed. BUT there is another extremely tangible way I seek to bless others while furthering the message of hope of Jesus Christ and that is by giving a large portion of every single dollar I make away!

So here I am with a guest blog post by a dear, sweet friend of mine named Amy. Her ministry, Strands, is who YOU will be supporting when you allow me to photograph you all the way through the month of April! How fun is that?

Scroll on down to hear directly from Amy's heart and learn more about what Strands is all about! You can also mosey on over to the "For a Greater Purpose" here on my website to link directly to her website!


 I'm Amy and welcome to Strands. Strands is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is built off of people serving with their spiritual gifts and talents. I believe God equips us all with different spiritual gifts and when we are working with our gifts that is when we are most effective for the kingdom of God. Mercy, intercession, administration, craftsmanship, photography,  these are a few of the spiritual gifts represented in our team of volunteers. However, it is all of our responsibility to love and support others and give when we have the opportunity. I have created this site to come alongside families who have found themselves in financial hardship due to medical bills accumulated as a result of childhood illness, condition, or an unexpected tragedy. 

If you are a family member of one of our featured stories, may you find hope and encouragement knowing others want to join you on this journey. God is faithful to never leave you alone and sometimes that means using complete strangers to provide strength when you are running on empty. And if you are someone that stumbled across Strands by means of a particular social media outlet I believe it is by no mistake you are here. Take a look around!

I encourage you to navigate to the "Caring Page" where you will find the featured story. My prayer is that as you read about this precious family you will be moved with Christ-like compassion to take action whether it be by purchasing one of the items or by simply donating. The profit and donations will be given directly to the family as a way of saying, "Hey, God hears you and see's you; your family is not alone."

We have the best contributors too! These individuals and businesses love Jesus and have a huge heart to help! They have all graciously donated their items or services. Please visit the “Contributor Page” and make sure you show them some love!

As Ecclesiastes 4:12 reads, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Please consider making the cord stronger by doing what you can to help. Every prayer is heard, every dollar is counted, and every shared link is a potential blessing. Thank you so much for stopping by. 

 Stronger together,



Alyssa is FOUR

World, meet Alyssa, a newly turned FOUR year old! Not only is she strikingly stunning {like her momma} but she is one giant ball of sassy fun {again, like her momma}. Sydney and I work together at and when she asked me if I would take photos for Alyssa's fourth birthday, I may have squealed with delight just a tad. We spent some time at Old Town Helena which is absolutely stunning and had the most enjoyable time running around stomping on leaves, spinning in circles, leaping over creeks, skipping rocks, and giggling nonstop.

Enjoy these photos from a super fun morning with one of the most beautiful 4-year-olds you will ever lay your eyes on :)


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Much love,

Bernhard Family Newborn

You know those people you get the privilege of being around who literally exude love and joy? Those people who leave you feeling encouraged and joyful even though they may not even realize it. Well, Colin and Molly are those people. Their delight in one another as well as their new, handsome son, Patrick, made photographing them so incredibly easy and so incredibly FUN! 

Not only was Patrick one of THE cutest, little babes I've ever laid eyes on, but he was a total champ at this whole Newborn photos thing {as you will soon see}. What an honor it was to be able to come into his home and photograph him and his adoring parents.

Enjoy this glimpse into my time with Patrick, Colin, and Molly.

Josh + Anna + PUPS

If you have spent any time with me at all, you may have learned very quickly that I LOVE animals. Like, love LOVE. Especially animals of the K-9 family. So you can only imagine my crazy excitement when Anna reached out to me to schedule a photo session that would include her TWO adorable furry kiddos, Nala and Penny. 

Anna and Josh were super laid back, giggled and flirted the entire time, totally went with the flow when the dogs decided they needed to go for a swim, and were a complete joy. We had a blast romping around Moss Rock. So much fun, in fact, that a strange raccoon decided he needed to join the party even though it was daylight outside {can anyone say "rabid"}. 

Enjoy a glimpse into my evening with the Turner family!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Much love,

Elliot Turns ONE!

While I so adore the fun and excitement that comes with documenting adorable humans during actual photoshoots, one thing I adore JUUUST as much as when I get the opportunity to document events...especially when that event consists of squishy, giggly babies turning ONE!

Meet Elliot. Not only did he recently turn one, but he did so in THE cutest "under the sea" fashion. Celebrating this sweet boy consisted of bounce house fun, lots of delicious food, and even more joyful laughter + great fellowship. He was surrounded by tons of family and friends who celebrated him {and his rockstar parents} so well and had a blast doing it.

Enjoy this little snippet from Elliot's 1st Bday party!

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Ruby + her parents

Typically, I would introduce a family to you by telling you all about how fantastic and fun and wonderful the parents are...and while that could NOT be more true for this sweet family, when there is a tiny, adorable human that is as CUUUUTEE as little Ruby is, it would be an injustice if I didn't start by introducing her!

So, world, meet Ruby Neel, daughter of Brad and Jackie Neel. Her loves enjoy giggling, hugging her daddy's neck, kicking the soccer ball, and the occasional chess match. Not only is she THE most precious thing there could ever be, but she has THE most precious parents there could ever be who selflessly love her day in and day out and in doing so, point her back to the Man who created her in His image.

It was a COMPLETE joy + honor to be able to photograph the Neel Family while I was spending time in Dallas with my family.

Enjoy this short glimpse into what was one of the most fun mornings I've had in a while.

Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,

Philip + Renessa

You know those weddings you go to where the bride and groom literally EXUDE love and happiness? Where you know that the googly eyes they keep giving each other are not JUST a show for the wedding but are the eyes they look at one another with all the time. Where you can't help but leave feeling more encouraged, in love, and appreciative of your own spouse. 

Well, Philip and Renessa's weddings was one of those weddings and what a complete joy and honor it was to have gotten be a part of it!

Philip and Renessa had a sweet, intimate ceremony in their backyard in Crestwood followed by a casual, hang out-type reception in the coolest photography-studio-turned-loft there could ever be. Not only was Renessa one of the most stunning brides I've ever seen, she was also easily THE most laid-back, easy-going bride I've ever been around. 

Enjoy this small glimpse into their big day!


And now for one of my absolute favs :)


Congratulations to the new Thomas Family!

Thanks for stopping by,

Much love,

Ministry Spotlight

For those of you who may not be aware, there are two HUGE reasons I feel called to photography:

1. So that I can bless YOU with great quality, affordable photos that you will love forever
2. So that I can bless Kingdom-honoring, worthwhile ministries, nonprofits, and fundraisers by giving away a large portion of every single dollar I make.

It's why I do what I do!

I am overjoyed to be able to share with you who YOU will be supporting each time you allow me to photograph you all the way through the month of October! Meet the Felder Family: Michael, Brittney, and sweet little Adelaide {hehe, love that name}. They are in the process of adopting from Bulgaria and while I have so much more I could tell you about them, instead, I would love for you to hear directly from Brittney's heart. 

...SO enjoy this guest post written by Brittney & THANK YOU for your investment in me so that I can turn around and generously bless others!

I told myself I would never do blog posts. Being an educator who is both dyslexic and terrible at grammar, I never wanted to put myself out for that kind of criticism or give people another reason to hate on America’s public educators. 

But the Lord has different plans for me, that include writing, so…

Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Brittney Felder. I am the wife to Michael Felder, my best friend who manages an app company, mother to our first born, Addy Grace, teacher, crafter, coffee lover, and wanna be painter, dancer, and yoga-er

However, the most important descriptor is Christ follower and most recently added descriptor is future adoptive mother.

When I was in Pre-K, I remember playing house with my adopted baby and that’s where it started. The Lord planted that desire into tiny 4-year Brittney. Fast-forward to dating Michael, I asked him to pray about it and the Lord had already softening his heart for the fatherless.

And here we are.

That all seems very simple, but the truth is it’s just all the Lord and since taking steps toward adoption it’s just all made sense. The Gospel is most often, if not always, the opposite of what seems “logical” and I’ve been asked, “well since you can obviously have your own children why go through all of it?” 

I typically respond with the 4-year-old Brittney story, but isn’t this what we’re supposed to look like- different, odd, and even illogical to those who don’t fully understand the Gospel? Aren’t we, as Christ followers, supposed to show the Gospel in our lives? 

I’ll admit that I still feel as though Christ is and will continue to show us the depth, complexity, and beauty that is paralleling our adoption to the Gospel, but I feel very strongly that this is what we are supposed to be doing for our family, but more importantly, for the Kingdom. 

Why did we pick Bulgaria?

Well, when we started this process, we were both 26 and had a 6 month old. Most countries want you to be 30 years old and even more of them definitely don’t want you to have a 6 month old. 

Bulgaria fell in our laps with having NO age requirements, but very quickly the Lord affirmed that decision, when that same week I met some native Bulgarian twins. Sweet girls who not only live in our area, but I would get the pleasure of teaching and later on meeting their mother who has opened her arms and home to help our future child learn some Bulgarian culture. (Que the many tears)  

So, where are we in this process?

We announced the start of our process July 31, 2016, but we didn’t submit our first application until October, so we’re about a year in. 

We have a completed, approved, translated, and government registered Dossier (our giant group of paperwork). We are 50-ish% funded and are at the beginning of the “long wait”, which will be about 2 years. 

For those on the fence about adoption, more specifically worried about money. Jump. Leap into Faith and just do it. 

We have repeatedly seen the Lord work to provide exactly what we need at the very moment we need it, money and otherwise. (I want to be very clear though that it’s through NOTHING Michael and I have/could have done, but the Lord’s love and heart for the fatherless) 

We are so in awe of the Lord working in people’s hearts and minds as they pray for us and our family, and generosity in helping us fund the process to bring our future babe home to us. 

If you were going to have pictures taken for Christmas cards this fall, please consider using Marchele’s awesome photography skills during the months of September and October, as she has willingly and graciously stepped into her calling from the Lord to help and give- of which I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am. 

We’ve recently partnered with Life Song for Orphans for a matching grant (everything given they will match), if you’re interested in giving visit:

If you’re interested in reading more of what the Lord has been doing in our lives during this process and keeping up with us check out my blog:

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Much love,

Surprise for my TEXAS friends!

Well, you've been asking so I suppose it's about time I'm a good friend and deliver :)

<Drum roll please>

I will be in Dallas the weekend of October 14 and will be offering MINI SESSIONS to YOU, my fellow Dallas-ites!


A few details: cost is only $99 (tax included), the session will last 20-25 minutes {which your husband and children will most certainly thank you for}, location will likely be at White Rock Lake, you will get at least 10-15 fully edited images with print rights released...oh, and you will get to hang out with yours truly and we will definitely have a BLAST! Doy.

Here's another little {but oh-so-important} tid bit that I think you'll enjoy. In case you don't already know, one huge reason I do photography is to be able to give back and bless others more than I would be able to otherwise. I give a large portion of EVERY dollar I earn directly away to different ministries, non-profits, fundraisers, etc.

When you sign up for a mini session, YOU will be supporting Samaritan's Purse who is {and will continue to be} working in SE Texas with the Hurricane Harvey victims. 

So...dont miss out! Slots are limited!

Click the "Sign up now" button at the bottom of the page and secure your spot!

Cannot wait to hang out!